Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Testo Saveris GSM System Setup

Wireless account setup information for AT&T Mobility
Saveris GSM Base requires a wireless text message account to send messages to a text message enabled wireless phone. This is a SIM card subscription account.

According to Sprint and Verizon networks' customer service, neither offer text message SIM card subscriptions at this time.

To start a SIM card data subscription account contact AT&T Mobility:
Andrew Haines
AT&T Mobility
800.342.3212 ext. 288360

Please check with them if they provide wireless coverage in your area. The AT&T subscription levels start at 1MB/month. This should be more than sufficient for Saveris.

SIM card installation
When you receive the AT&T SIM card you will need to authorize it by calling 1-866-895-1099 and following the voice instruction.
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Make a clean break of tabs at the credit-card sized card to remove the smaller SIM card below.
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Please refer to Saveris Startup Manual descriptions and illustrations for insertion of activated SIM card. Start with section 2.1 on page 5.

Make sure the Saveris antenna cable is connected.

When probes are registered with the Base and system is started with the Saveris Startup Wizard, refer to SMS Module screenshot on page 20.

The PIN entry area will be grayed out, this is OK.

Enter +13123149810 in the SMS Centre field (*the dialer will not work without +)